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Beverly Hills Partnership Dispute Lawyers

Effective Mediators in Business Disputes

As businesses grow and change, once-agreeable partnerships may become hostile situations you’re forced to continue committing to. If you find that you and your business partner are no longer an ideal match for managing work, contact our attorneys to negotiate and settle a partnership dispute.

Contact Greenberg Bitton LLP for help settling a business conflict in Beverly Hills.

Common Causes of Partnership Disputes

Even the most compatible of duos experience conflict. There are several decisions to be made and actions to be taken when running a business, which can quickly and easily lead to disagreements. Common cases of partnership disputes are:

  • Disagreement about how business should be run
  • Disagreement about the terms of the partnership
  • Uneven work distribution
  • Failure to meet expectations of the partnership

If you and your partner’s business endeavors are stalled because of interpersonal conflict, call one of our attorneys to help you reach a mutually beneficial conclusion.

Negotiating on a Settlement

Conflicts are natural when two individuals are working together on a project. With two generators of ideas and only one outlet for them, it’s natural for some disagreements to arise over time. Negotiation is a process that involves both parties communicating openly with each other to work towards a solution. In essence, it allows for the business to be salvaged.

An attorney is a powerful tool in the process to ensure that the conversation is productive. When two partners are in a disagreement, their emotions are heightened and there’s likely been some trouble communicating already. Our attorneys will offer guidance and support while allowing issues to be productively resolved face-to-face.

Steps to Effective Negotiation

Negotiation follows a routine process that, when adhered to by all involved, can result in appealing solutions. Negotiating a settlement typically goes as follows:

  • Plan: Both parties take the time to thoroughly evaluate the situation and think of the best- and worst- case scenarios or outcomes. It’s a chance to recognize the possible alternatives and determine what the worst deal you would accept is, what factors you’re willing to sacrifice on, and the risks involved if a settlement isn’t reached.
  • Declare rules: Declaring rules keeps everyone on the same page and manages expectations. By determining where and for how long they’re negotiating for, both parties can both prepare appropriately.
  • Clarify: Offering clarification allows for grievances to be aired by everyone involved, and then for detailed explanations about their desires moving forward and their reasoning behind it.
    • Inform the other of your demands and side of the story.
  • Bargain and problem solve: Parties work towards a settlement, either competitively or collaboratively. In a competitive scenario, the person seeks to win as much as possible. Collaborative negotiators identify interests and recommend solutions to benefit both parties as a win-win scenario.
  • Closure and implementation: Once the terms are agreed upon, a contract is prepared and set into motion, leaving both parties to abide by it moving forward.

A lawyer is a strong addition to negotiating a settlement. By hiring legal help, you gain professional counsel and assistance in reaching a partnership agreement that reflects your best interests.

Our Differentiating Principles

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    Multifaceted Experience and Approach

    Our attorneys have extensive experience in their respective practices, and work together to bring our clients a comprehensive solution to their legal needs.

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